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  • PatriciaGrosset
  • Posté le 10 novembre 2012 à 11:59:07 Avertir un administrateur
  • jesse you must be playing some different sports to me as my experience shows most of them in the lactic zone to truly be outperforming your competitors, for those that hammer on about olympic lifting and high reps, oly lifting is just getting a weight overhead, just becuase 100 yrs ago some one made a 1 rep max in that movement a sport doesnn't mean that is the only way it should be done, keep good posture and where is there risk, in fact i would say 30 reps at 100lb will be far less likely to cause injury than a 1 rep max at 200, anyone who thinks different to that should try working on building site, one day you might have to lift something really heavy, the next might be putting 30 bags of concrete on a scaffold crossfit claims to prepare you for life, if i have to move those bags i can gaurantee that some of those high rep oly lifts will put me in a better spot than those hwo haven't. Having said that there are those in crossfit that miss the point about just getting strong or for that matter getting good at something like distance running. Good coaches will make sure you get a bit of everything IF THATS WHAT YOU WANT, http://www.australianspor[...]etting/afl-betting/ afl bet, =-)),
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