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  • SungJainlett
  • Posté le 08 novembre 2012 à 07:24:22 Avertir un administrateur
  • Lorraine all I can say is to keep experimenting. There are rules, but rules were made to be broken. I "fixed" a guy's back before (he was gonna have surgery and had been to a PT, an MD, and a chiro) just by getting him strong. We started out with simple stuff and moved up the progresssions. I "fixed" a guy's shoulder before by just getting him strong and we did neutral grip db overhead pressing (which all his prior coaches wouldn't let him do). All I do is test stuff out and see how the athlete feels the following day, and if stuff appears to be working I keep it in. If not I ditch it. If I was your trainer I know that through experimentation I could find exercises that caused you to feel the hammies, quads, and glutes working very well. I'd have you get much stronger on those movements. I'd help you develop a better mind-muscle connection with the glutes and over time you'd know how to use them better and how much ROM to use at the hips so you don't compensate at the spine. It just takes practice and persistence. Every client is unique and every path is different. We would discover a program that works for you unique exercises, unique technique/mechanics, unique volume/frequency/intensity, etc. Perhaps there are squat/lunge patterns that you can do with shallow ROM's to strengthen the knee joint. There are probably plenty of great hamstring exercises you can do to protect the knees and give you structural balance. You can probably do bridges/hip thrusts with focus on lumbopelvic mechanics and you could get very strong at them. Maybe you respond best by not going near failure and doing more volume and frequency to make up for the lack of intensity. Who knows? Just keep experimenting.,[...]ns-heart-177496.htm melt your man's heart review, :DDD,
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