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  • DeanZadra
  • Posté le 20 novembre 2012 à 15:58:10 Avertir un administrateur
  • Due to a temporary heat wave here in the East, all my seeds planted last Sunday have sprouted and are going gang busters in my upstairs attic office (where temperatures are more than balmy), I'm providing a little supplemental light now that they've sprouted and despite the current heat it's too early to go out three kinds of tomatoes (new girl, brandywine, and some free seeds from Heinz courtesy my mom), three kinds of peppers (bell, red roasting, and jalapeno), echinicea, oriental poppy, four kinds of basil (globe, italian, thai, shiso). Outside my late late planted fava bean and a little late planted peas are showing their heads (those that survived the squirrels), my tarragon and sage planted last year are flourishing, the half the rosemary bush survived the winter, the indoor overwintered pineapples and others are starting to make the transition, and sigh, the tulips have succumbed to the heat. We harvested our first lettuce (okay we purchased starts) and the kale and chard are starting to really grow. Somehow emptying the dishdrainer turned into organizing a kitchen cupboard which meant not getting much new done outside this weekend but it was too hot for me anyway.,[...]you-want-180993.htm how to read men, %O,
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