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  • RicoVanolinda
  • Posté le 28 novembre 2012 à 05:01:30 Avertir un administrateur
  • Hi Bill,<br />Nice write-up, nice comments and thanks for responding to readers' inquiries. Good Job!<br />However, I have my issues and question, *winks*.<br />I have been in a relationship with this great guy for two weeks now. We always have fun and loose sense of time whenever we are together.<br />I met his male friends on the second night we met and they were real fun, they are liked me. I think he took an interest in me when he saw how well I blended with his friends but after reading posts and comments here? am beginning to have a rethink. Maybe he came after me (he wasn't initially interested)so he could "TAP" me before any of his friends did, (ha-ha).<br />Anyways, we have been together for 2weeks now and it's like we have known each other for ages. Whenever we are together and we happen to stumble upon any of his MALE acquaintances, friends or family, he hugs, kisses and introduces me as his "WIFE". BUT! Whenever we happen to stumble upon any of his female friends, he never introduces me, not by name or status. He even tells them they look sweet and stuff right in my presence like he was subconsciously or secretly telling them: "DONT WORRY SWEETY, SHE IS NOT A THREAT".<br />There was a particular incident when his childhood female friend came into town, he told me previously how he could not date her because she has a BF and stuff and stated firmly that they were just friends and nothing serious was going on or could ever happen between them. When I finally met this childhood female "FRIEND" of his, he introduced her again to me, told me this is the chick he has told me so much about but NEVER introduced me to her, he made pretty insulting comments about me while we were all in his car and when it all got too much, I opted to get down from the car and continue my journey alone! I broke up with him after that episode because from all that transpired during that meeting, it was obvious they were more than childhood friends. I cut all communication and stuff but then he came after me with his friend to my office apologizing, begging, wanting me back and stuff, that he dint know how I will take it that way blah blah blah and that the whole purpose of dating is getting to know each other better.<br />I let it ride, forgave him, we got back together and things went back to normal. I have met a whole lot of his male acquaintances and he always introduce me as his "WIFE" and asks for the usual kiss when parting, however, this morning, I met another of his female friends and again, there was no introduction, he even dropped me off close to my office instead of at my office gate as he usually does. Am quite done with this guy as he has clearly shown that he is not ready for anything serious with me and continually disrespects me when with his female friends.<br />We are intimate and all that. When alone with him or with his males friends, I have all his attention and he makes me feel like a princess but not when with any of his female friend.<br />I guess I goofed with this one as am usually very careful and selective when it comes to boy matters.<br />Is there something I did that I should not repeat in my next relationship or any advice whatsoever you wish to give me Bill?,[...]-results-166424.htm text your ex back, 935802,
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