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  • LymanArenas
  • Posté le 02 décembre 2012 à 08:30:19 Avertir un administrateur
  • I find every post on here extremely amusing. Excpet the one about some "biggest loser reject" collapsing...??? I'm sorry, I guess I'm a human being and I don't find that anything to "love" Why are people so pissed off? If you don't like this kind of gym, simply don't join. You don't need to label all of the clientele as fat, weak, and not serious about health and fitness. I'm extremely fit, just concurred my first 50 mile marathon. I also do strenghth training. PF has everything I need, other than yoga. I'm sorry but how can you beat $10/month? I used to be an Anytime Fitness member and then moved away. I don't care if you're a "lunk" or if you pick things up and put them down.... I also don't think that's all other gyms are about. Don't rip on people for struggling with weight and actually attempting to make a difference. We all struggle with something, right? SHEESH, can't we all just get along?? Stop picking on people who work out at PF. And if people do partake in a slice of pizza once a month and that makes them a fat ass?!?!? That's just sillyness.,[...]ng-rules-164672.htm the tao of badass, 645984,
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